Did you get my order? I didn’t get a receipt?
Check your email – Check the spam and junk email folders too, sometimes they end up there. If you do not have an email invoice/receipt, chances are the order did not complete.
You can also create an account with the email you used to purchase your items to see if there is an order in the system. Make sure you click the link near the top of the receipt page after completing your order to create the account. You will also receive an email confirmation of your order that has a link that will let you create an account for order tracking.
If you are still unsure, contact us with details on the first and last name you used to make the possible order and we will look it up for you.

How long will my item take to ship?
All orders will ship within 2 weeks from date of purchase.

How much are shipping charges?
$9.35 per item

What is the status of my order? Did it ship yet?
Once your order ships, you will receive an email with a tracking number for your package. You will know the moment your item leaves our shipping facility and can track it from our door to your door.

Also, if you'd like to track your orders online, feel free to create an account! See this video for instructions.

Can I track my order?
Yes you can! See this video for instructions on how to create and manage your account.

I made a mistake on my shipping address, how do I update it before my items are shipped?
You can edit/update your shipping address details at your account. This video tutorial shows you how to create an account and manage your shipping address.

If you still have questions that have not been addressed here, please contact us at the email address below: